• Can Spirituality Help People with Substance Use Disorders?

    In the days following comedian Russell Brand’s announced plans for Comic Relief benefit to help highlight the issue of drug and alcohol dependence in the UK, academics from the University of Chester are preparing for a two-day event focused on the issues of addiction.

    On February 20th and 21st, the institution is hosting a two-day event where well-known speakers from the fields of addiction studies, religious studies and theology, as well as treatment centre professionals and counsellors, will discuss the connection between addiction and spirituality.

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  • Higher Power Project Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1

    The Higher Power Project is a qualitative study of the diversity of the language of Higher Power used by people in twelve-step recovery from addiction. The twelve step approach to recovery identifies the problem of addiction as rooted in the powerlessness of the individual over the substance or behaviour which is causing them or others harm. Given acceptance of this, an alternative power must be sought.

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  • Addiction: A Spiritual Illness with a Spiritual Solution – Conference Report

    The unusual crosscutting style of this conference brought together seventy participants; academics, senior professionals in addictions treatment, addicts and alcoholics in recovery through different methods and in different stages, adherents of religious traditions, and interested member s of the public, to explore the relationships between addiction, spirituality and recovery.

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