• Mutual Aid Engagement

    Wrexham Recovery from Addiction Pilot Project (WRAPP)

    CSARS Group is committed to applying its research findings and experience to assist in the delivery of mutual aid recovery projects for the benefit of individuals, families and communities in the UK and is currently involved with two projects.

  • Mutual Aid Engagement

    Oswestry Recovery Project (ORP)

    ORP is a partnership mutual aid facilitation project involving Shropshire Council’s Community Substance Misuse Team, NACRO and CSARS Group. The project team would like to thank AA, NA and SMART Recovery for their cooperation. The 12-month project started in July 2014, it will incorporate the lessons learnt from the WRAP

  • Training


    Training CSARS Group is committed to providing training for professionals on mutual-aid engagement and recovery. Awareness-raising and training events have been delivered for a wide range of staff and professionals involved in working with people with substance-misuse problems: Recovery through engagement with 12-Step Fellowships – staff at a Detox Unit