What Can I Expect?

NB Feb 2019: We are not currently recruiting participants for the Higher Power Project.

If you volunteer to participate in the Higher Power Project you will be sent a Consent Form, which you will need to print out, sign and return to the project team. This sheet will explain to you what the project is about, how your information will be used, and how we will protect your anonymity and confidentiality.  For example, you won’t need to tell us your surname or your address. You can even use a pseudonym (a made-up name) if you prefer. The Consent Form will also explain that if you change your mind at any point and don’t want to submit a questionnaire, or receive a phone-call, that is absolutely fine, and we don’t need to have a reason. Also it will explain that if we quote from what you say, we will only use your first name or a pseudonym if you have given us one. We will make every attempt to contact you to show you a copy of the transcript of your telephone interview, so that you can check we recorded what you said accurately.

After you have returned the Consent Form you will be contacted regarding a timescale for receiving the questionnaire and follow-up phone-call should you chose to receive it. The questionnaire will contain several short questions about your concept of Higher Power if you have one, and how you use it to maintain and enhance your recovery.  The phone-call will give the team the opportunity to ask you about your questionnaire answers in more detail. Unless you object, the phone-call will be recorded, but your words will be anonymised.

If you relapse/slip during the period during in which we are collecting your data, it is your responsibility to withdraw from the project (you do not have to tell us why) and to access the help you need from appropriate sources.  Your well-being is our primary concern. A less important but still significant consideration is that our project data will only be valid and reliable if it contains material from people with six months or more sobriety/clean time.  We rely on you to withdraw if you no longer meet our minimum conditions for participation.

You will not receive any payment for your participation in the project.

We will not use your email address or telephone number (if you supply it) for any reason other than relating to your participation in the Higher Power Project.