Wendy speaks to Dr Chris Cotter of the Religious Studies Project about the Higher Power Project research

The Religious Studies Project is an international collaborative enterprise producing weekly podcasts with leading scholars on the social-scientific study of religion. It was launched in 2012 by (then PhD students) Christopher R. Cotter (Lancaster University) and David G. Robertson (University of Edinburgh) to help disseminate contemporary issues in Religious Studies (RS) to a wider audience and to provide a resource for undergraduate students of RS, their teachers, and interested members of the public.

What is the relationship between ‘religion’, ‘spirituality’, ‘addiction’ and ‘addiction recovery’? What are we meaning by ‘addiction’? Is it socially constructed? Why are we even talking about a relationship between these concepts? Can religion be conceptualized as an addiction? how might a specifically Religious Studies approach help us to productively engage with this particularly sensitive area? And, as ever, how might we go about conducting such research? These are just a few of the questions discussed in today’s podcast, where Chris speaks with Dr Wendy Dossett of the University of Chester, UK.
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