Guest-edited issue of Implicit Religion

We are delighted to announce that a special issue of the Critical Religion journal Implicit Religion entitled ‘Religion, Spirituality and Addiction Recovery,’ guest-edited by Dr Wendy Dossett and Liam Metcalf-White was published last week in an open-access online format.

The special issue takes a critical look at the deployment of categories such as ‘religious,’ ‘spiritual,’ ‘non-religion’ and ‘secular’ in the addiction recovery world.  Several recovery environments are explored, including Twelve Step, Visible Recovery Advocacy, Treatment Centres, and the Buddhist Recovery Movement. The collection includes contributions from a mix of early career and more senior scholars of religion and spirituality, some with professional experience in addiction treatment, and some with lived-experience of addiction and recovery. Research sites range from Recovery Walks in the UK, to Twelve Step Fellowships in the US and UK, to treatment centres in Northern Mexico and internationally syndicated Buddhist Recovery groups.  The special issue seeks to make a contribution to the academic and practitioner fields of addiction recovery as well as to the study of religion and spirituality.


Religion, Spirituality and Addiction Recovery: Introduction.   Wendy Dossett and Liam Metcalf-White

‘God As We Understood Him’: Being ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ in Alcoholics Anonymous. Jennifer Lois Hahn               

Recovering Theism: Three Biographical Case Studies in Alcoholics Anonymous.   Paul K. McClure

In/visible Recoveries: Display events, Stigma and Spirituality in a Therapeutic Community in Northern Mexico.   Ethan Sharp

“That’s the Spiritual Side of Me”: Men’s Autobiographical Accounts of Recovery in Twelve Step Fellowships.   Lymarie Rodriguez-Morales

Does Alcoholics Anonymous Help Grow the Spiritual but not Religious Movement?   Linda Mercadante          

Introducing the Non-Religious in Alcoholics Anonymous.    Zachary A Munro            

Kleśas and Pretas: Therapy and Liberation in Buddhist Recovery from Addiction.   Wendy Dossett

A Qualitative and Critical Religion Analysis of the Category of Spirituality within The Visible Recovery Advocacy Movement.   Liam Metcalf-White